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XBMC 12.2 XAF Stable Download

XBMC 12.2 XAF Stable Download

XBMC Android, it just keeps getting better and better!

So the long awaited stable release of the world famous build of XBMC from the developers at XBMC Android is here!  N2News has been anxiously waiting for this release because of how impressed we were with the beta. beta was able to finally make the phrase “XBMC Android” make sense to people.  You can see the integration from the very first login with their own custom XBMC boot screen after XBMC was just booted as an Android Launcher with the HOME button on our n2Box remote controller.  Not only did they make life easier on every single beginner out there who first uses XBMC on Android they through in included repositories such as 1Channel, Project Free TV, IceFilms, TVLinks, TubePlus, & Navi-X Content Aggregator.

The biggest thing we noticed right off the bat was the way they brought the “Android Settings” and put it right in the XBMC PROGRAMS Shortcut menu.  This clears up a lot of confusion for beginners with XBMC for Android boxes like the n2Box for example.  I can’t tell you how many times people, including me at one point would go to the XBMC system tab to try and connect to the internet or change the sound settings when infact you need to realize you are actually using an Android TV Device, not an XBMC Box which there really isn’t even such a thing, the closest would be using XBMC Linux but then you miss out on all the amazing benefits of using XBMC alongside Android.  Point being, your Android TV Box system settings are not always found in XBMC.  Certain things such as volume, picture, Outputs, and some other important settings INCLUDING WIFI or Ethernet!  So the biggest mistake i find is people will go to XBMC system to try and connect their n2Box to the web.  But, your wifi is actually connected by Android and XBMC just mirrors the settings it needs.  So by bringing the XBMC settings tab right on to the main page of XBMC as a Program shortcut has cleared up a huge amount of confusion amongst n2Box users.  You’re reminded when you look at it, that you are using an Android TV device and you are able to figure out how to change your settings and get to use your Android Apps right from within XBMC Android.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, by having the best of the best when it comes to most used video addons, plugins, and repositories XBMCAndroid spared no expense, they included the top 6 right in to their XBMC installation with no user needed to setup a great basic, working XBMC version with some of the so many addons available for XBMC already installed for you.  Gives you a real head start when it comes to learning the benefits of XBMC and why streaming your content is the future of Television.

This is an image of the first time opening XBMC Android after installing it on an n2Box.  We are right about to install the new 12.1 release that released just yesterday as their New Stable FULL Release version and n2News is going to test it on our m3 n2Box models and our new MX-8726 n2Box  and N2Box XT4 Quad Core RK3188 Box with Air remote included models and leave our review in the next couple days.  We  want to really see what this version can do considering all the work you could see they put into the beta alone.

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