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XBMC Android Add-Ons

September 2, 2013

As XBMC Android, a part of the Free TV & Movies Headquarters series of sites completely dominate the Android TV, XBMC, Add-ons, and we don’t have to cover ANY of our sites in advertisements and lie to our members about boxes as to appease our sponsorship because we DO NOT allow sponsorships, we do allow Special Thanks To: (Depending on top 5 donations of the month).  We only ask that you appreciate the FREE work of the developer teams making and supporting these  awesome scripts, SEND THEM A DONATION to download their Addon.  It’s a ONE TIME fee and you pay ANYTHING you’d like starting at $3.  If you are a N2 Connect Members you don’t need to donate but can.  Your subscription after site costs goes into a 70-30 split for DEVELOPERS NOT OUR SITES.  We are trying to keep advertisements and tricks for clicks away from XBMC, the only OS platform that isn’t already ruined with advertisements and upsells ie) Apple Inc., XBMCHUB MAINTENANCE TOOL.

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Check this list of OFFICIAL XBMC Addons!  It’s HUGE!  This doesn’t include any 3rd party addons or repositories.  This is just the Official list of supported XBMC Addons.

XBMC Add-ons

XBMC apk

XBMC Android Help

Android XBMC TV Box

Plugins, Addons, and Repositories that are working on the n2Box Android Smart TV Box

Addons on n2Box

Navi-X, SuperTV, SportsDevil, VideoDevil, UFC, LubeTube ,YouTube , Icefilms, NetFlix , 1Channel , TubePlus,
Hulu , Google Chrome Browser , TubePlus, TVLinks ,Project Free TV & SO MUCH MORE


  1. CHINESE (1000′s of movies and shows)
  2. FILIPINO ON DEMAND (1000′s of movies and shows)
  3. PERSIAN/IRANIAN (many live channels)
  4. POLISH (more than 50+live TV channels,Polish Tv shows and movies)
  5. TURKISH (100+ on demand original Turkish shows/series)
  6. RUSSIAN (on demand shows and movies)
  7. FRENCH (tons of French content to Explore)
  8. ITALIAN (Live RaiNEWS, on demand shows, tv programs)
  9. SPANISH (many channels, movies, and shows)
  10. CZECH/SLOVAK (on demand movies and TV shows)
  11. BOLLYWOOD (1000′s of movies in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil)…DVD and Bluray



*** CANADA, *** USA, CHINA,*** JAPAN ,*** SOUTH KOREA,*** INDIA *** A&E, *** ABC , *** ABC Family ,*** AMC,*** Animal Planet, *** BBC, *** FRANCE,*** SPAIN,*** MEXICO ,*** ITALY,*** *** BET UK,*** Cartoon Network, *** CBC,*** CBC HD,*** CBS,*** Channel 4,*** The CW,*** Discovery Channel,*** Discovery HD, *** Discovery KIDS, *** Discovery USA, *** Disney,*** E! Entertainment,*** FOX,*** HBO HD,*** HBO Plus,*** History HD
*** Food Network,*** HBO


*** LEAFS TV, *** UFC Events, *** UFC Events, *** NFL ,*** NHL,*** MLB, *** NBA,*** Football,*** Soccer

News Media

*** CNN, *** CNN International, *** BBC, *** BBC HD, *** FOX , *** Bloomberg US, *** CityTV,*** CP24, *** CTV, *** City News Toronto, *** C-Span, *** MSNBC


Canada on Demand, Desi on Demand (including live channels: Crackle, Engadget, Fox News, Free Cable (This Has A&E, ABC, ABC FAMILY, BRAVO, CBS, HISTORY CHANNEL, LIFETIME, MTV, NBC, OXYGEN, SPIKE, SYFY, TV LAND, USA, VH1), XMBC, Icefilms, Icefilms TVLinks, Project Free TV, Navi-X, UFC, & More

N2Box XT4



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